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Nurturing a Special Child

Nurturing a Special Child »

Autism changed my parenting forever. I learned how to build a "greenhouse" and help my son grow out of his challenges. Today he's out learning from the world, and while he needs me, I walk and expand along with him. (103 posts)

A Creative Life

A Creative Life »

Constantly drawn to design and create handmade products to serve my needs, my mind is artistic and analytical. I live to create, transform, and manifest ideas. (57 posts)

Learning Freedom

Learning Freedom »

Life's ongoing curriculum teaching me how to expand my mind, heart, and power to choose an experience of ease, peace, joy and love under any circumstance. (62 posts)

A Boy Growing Up

A Boy Growing Up »

Atypical in some ways, passionate, creative, joyful, authentic. An exceptional crystal child who teaches me freedom as he explores, learns, rests, and expands. (82 posts)

Nourishing Food

Nourishing Food »

For four years our diet was limited to SCD and a bit of GAPS. Now we include gluten-free grains, cacao, and complex carbs, but we remain sugar and gluten free. (11 posts)

The Family

The Family »

Family is made by blood, marriage, children, by challenging and soaring experiences, by laughter, depth, love. People connected by heart; places where the soul lingers. (33 posts)

Bringing Him Home

Bringing Him Home »

The story of how I came to bring an extraordinary child to my life and the world, and my experience waiting, nesting, and (not quite) preparing for him. (28 posts)

Young and Childless

Young and Childless »

Stories I chose to remember from my past. Perspectives and thoughts that may or not reflect who I am anymore. Much has changed and I wear rosy-colored glasses now. (17 posts)


Mastheads »

These pieces first started as a collection of experimental drawings, watercolors, and photos I created and rotated frequently as a creative practice. Back then I was a childless web designer. Now I have other priorities :)
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