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Posted in June 2015

Dairy-Free Chocolate Ice Cream »

Walnuts and cashews make a creamy, rich, and nourishing chocolate ice cream (our mousse) free of refined sugar, eggs, gluten and dairy.

I hope que no me jodas! »

Talking with Kiki about school, college, work, and the need he will feel some day to be free from his parents and pursue and independent life.

Teaching Now: The Food Garden »

This spring my food garden is teaching me one more layer of letting go. I’m trusting the balance of nature, and enjoying my foraging trips every lunch and breakfast.

A lovely afternoon camping out in the backyard »

Kiki and I enjoying spring and each other in a tent under the shade of our tree. He wrote a post about his experience, and we took photos to remember.

Lately Joaquin (7.5 years) »

Bowling, basketball, hincha furibundo, Calvin & Hobbes, financial ambition, learning from movies, arcade fan, new interests, abilities, questions, and ways to express himself.

Templates of Possibilities »

Reflecting on the change manifested since I started the Home Reorg, and the change not yet recognized coming next to my life.

An Unschooled Life: Learning Does Creep In »

Sometimes I worry, and then I get evidence that learning is inevitable and it develops in meaningful and memorable stories tied to real experiences from life.