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Posted in June 2014

The View from a Summit »

As I contemplate how far we've climbed –now starting to peek out of the Son-Rise greenhouse, Kiki asks me about Team Joaquin, why they came to his life.

Cultured Butter »

For Joaquin, whose brain is craving industrial amounts of butter these days, and who asked his mama to make our own at home. Of course cultured it needed to be!

A Man and his Vehicle »

Ode to a loved and almost outgrown tricycle and its wonderful powers exercising Kiki's proprioceptive and vestibular senses (and everything else).

Expanding Through Music »

Pursuing growth opportunities for Kiki through musical training, I was challenged by the stimulus that came with it. The experience expanded us both beyond the sheer powers of music.

Out in Deep Water »

Celebrating the challenge and victory I witnessed in Joaquin's first swimming lesson, one of our first experiences out of the Son-Rise nurturing bubble.

The Book of Backyard Trails »

Narrative and photos of Kiki's project to create hiking trails in our backyard for a book inspired by the Hiking guide he uses on his weekend trips with papa.

On Graduation Week »

Our piano teacher finally realizes how exceptional Joaquin is, and "graduates" him to a higher level of instruction.