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Posted in September 2012

Free Silent Listening »

I want to practice listening. Truly listening, being PRESENT, LOVING, NON-JUDGMENTAL, and without any expectation or desire to make any kind of impact on the person I’m listening. I have recently become aware that the expectation and desire to help are what gets most on my way to listen. I start listening keeping to my […]

On the way to the Zingaron Place »

Joaquin’s pretend traffic lights… This image represents Joaquin’s oldest most recurring activity. I’ve joined this game many times, and I’ve been deeply challenged by it often. This morning, as I contemplated the hallway to the kitchen full of lights (not green ones), and I experienced the discomfort this explosion of objects causes in my experience, […]

A Small Human Friend for Joaquin »

A few snapshots during the making of Rindin, a Waldorf doll I made for Kiki to serve and play as his first human friend.