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Posted in August 2010

Healing Journey: August 2010 »

01. Giving SCD a Try During the few months after diagnosing Joaquin, I have resisted all the special diets and biomedical approaches collective wisdom recommends for autistic kids. Joaquin does not show signs of GI problems, but recently I decided to try SCD, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, just in case that his intestinal flora is […]

Son-Rise in Action »

Videos illustrating several Son-Rise techniques during a game we played to develop Joaquin’s verbal communication from single words to 2 to 3-word sentences.

For all the years I’ve spent trying to avoid the kitchen »

Introducing SCD (the Specific Carbohydrate Diet) to our lives, and with it begins an era of learning to cook and bake like I never thought I would.

The Longest Test »

Challenged and discouraged by Joaquin's resistance to eat the nourishing food I started making with SCD. Fearful that my actions would not result in the outcome I was working towards.