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Posted in February 2010

Getting Serious »

For all of those who may be sore (or wondering if I’m still alive) because I have not returned their emails or have replied with one–liners, because I have not checked their Facebook updates, and I’ve kept ignoring requests to chat… I have a very good excuse: I’m working. Well… not working–working. But at least […]

Shirt in Progress »

It’s that time of life again when the 24mth Naartjie hoodie that looked perfect last week, suddenly wraps Joaquin’s belly like a tight (and short) hug. Also recently, Don Joaquin has decided that there’s nothing more disgusting in life than a cotton button–up shirt. Knits only! — he seems to demand. Is this an indication […]

The Trail of Blood »

While carrying a screaming two-year-old, moving him from room to room, yelling at him “CALM DOWN!”, my mind starts to wonder why the heck, after the two times I’ve found traces of an overnight nose bleed in Joaquin’s crib, it never occurred to me to search online for that article on how to deal with […]