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Posted in October 2007

A Different Perspective »

Personal thoughts as labor and the birth of my first baby are quickly approaching.

Sticking Out »

A few notes to remember from our first childbirth class

Sweet Genes »

This poor baby is doomed: He's getting some serious genes of sugar addiction.

Painting Stripes Part 2: Layout »

With colors selected, now I needed to decide on the layout of the stripes. That is: How many stripes, how wide, how uniform?… How to keep them from boxing us in the small room.

Miscalculating Space »

This is what happens when your pregnant belly grows so much, so fast.

Painting Stripes Part 1: Color »

Subtle color contrast was an important factor in the success of my stripes project. Here I share my experience selecting the right paint colors for our baby’s room.

Third Trimester: Such a little box of surprises »

Just a few of the new symptoms brought by the third trimester of pregnancy