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Posted in July 2007

The Guilt Begins… »

How my (thoughtfully considered) decision of not moving out of my office to give the baby the nicest room in the house has given me a first taste of maternal guilt.

Bollito or Bollita? »

Our family and friends know it now. It was impossible to keep the suspense too long before we started receiving calls from our moms, dads, and sisters. They all wanted to know: Is it a boy or girl?… Well, and I don’t blame them. Joey and I were so ready to know!… Up until now […]

Venting through a culinary metaphor »

You would think that the worst thing that could happen to your project is for it to be canceled or put on hold. But you're wrong: This is much worse.

DIY Pregnancy Jeans »

Sewing maternity clothes: How to alter an existing pair of jeans for pregnancy